Bank of America moves 300 traders to Paris.

Bank of America plans to move about 300 traders and supportpersoner to Paris, as a result of that Britain is expected to leave the EU.

It writes the Financial Times, with reference to an earlier Bloomberg News article.

The u.s. bank is now looking at possible office space in central Paris, according to sources with the transparency of the process. One of the premises of the bank looked can reportedly hold as many as 1,000 people, but the probable number of persons concerned is rather in the area of 300 according to a source.

Bank of America has previously said that the bank will move its base for investment activities in the EU to Dublin. However, according to the bank’s ceo Brian Moynihan, the Bank of America to acquire a ”larger footprint” in the EU as a whole, and additional staff in Madrid, Milan, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam and other cities where the bank has a sufficiently large number of customers.

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