Bad start to the game ” Star Wars : Battlefront II “

These are only the sales on a weekend, for the only territory of the United Kingdom, but they show a strong trend. According to the figures from Gfk-ChartTrack cited by Christopher Dring, editor of professional website GamesIndustry, the sales on physical media of Star Wars : Battlefront II is a fall of 61 % compared to those of the first episode of 2015 – the sales cloud are not known. A stall all the more impressive that in two years the installed base of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has doubled, with lower sales of 50 % over the same period as those of Battlefield 1, the game from the same studio released last year.

Even more worrying for a novelty, he was not able to rise to the first place of the top 10 English : as revealed by MCV UK, there is less sold at launch as Call of Duty WWII in the third week, when sales tend to decrease with time.

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