Axialease and VODinn launch a captive finance at the service of hotels and hotel…

Specialized in management and financing solutions for information systems, Axialease announces the creation of a captive financing with the company VODinn, a company offering video on demand for hotels and health facilities. By this association, Axialease and VODinn combine their expertise to offer services of rental and subscription VOD thanks to an innovative technology. Under the name ” VODinn SERVICES “, the captive financing combines the business know-how of VODinn regarding the cinema application and the expertise of Axialease in the council and to support the funding of IT projects.

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The merger of two business expertises

2017 marks a turning point extra for Axialease. After you have created two captive financing, Resalease (2010), and Sequence-Lease (2014), Sébastien Luyat embarks on the project of a new captive with the company VODinn. Axialease allows VODinn access to revenue funding, to rely on a lease in the colors of the captive, to benefit from a scoring efficient and dedicated, and finally, hold, consolidate and secure the entire customer base.

A solution : premium content and reduced cost

The solution of “VODinn SERVICES” will be based on a contract of rental equipment and delivery associated. It will allow all hotels to palaces as well as health facilities to offer to their clients, at lower cost, the cinema room service in the form of a box, very discreet placed behind the TV. Issued by the satellite dish and the coax network already in place in the hotel, the VOD offering is innovative and unique. It is not necessary to do the work, add wiring, and network, etc., The installation is simple and fast.

“We strive to develop in Axialease financing solutions adapted to our stakeholders, partners, and customers. Today we have already created three captives and have beautiful projects oriented towards innovation ! “welcomes Sébastien Luyat, Co-founder and president of Axialease.

“Today, to meet the need of financing inherent in the development of our business, we rely on the expertise of financing Axialease, via the “captive” VODinn SERVICES “. This partnership enables us to expand our solution on-demand video and accelerate our growth, in addition to the reputation we enjoy thanks to our main shareholder, Metropolitan FilmExport. We expect to deliver 2 000 rooms by the end of 2017 and more than 30 000 additional rooms by 2018, as many in the hospitality industry and in health “, concluded Ghislain Achard, President of VODinn.

About Axialease :

Created in 2008 by Patrick Patras and Sébastien Luyat, Axialease is a specialist in the management and financing solutions, computer, office automation, and telecommunications but also in capital equipment in the CONSTRUCTION industry, hotels and restaurants.

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About VODinn :

VODinn, a subsidiary of the group, Metropolitan Filmexport (1 independent distributor of film in Europe) was created in April of 2015 in order to revolutionize the cinema at the request by allowing communities to offer the best films and very recent, no work or need access to the Internet in the rooms. With the lowest price in the market (as of 0,72€/room/day) the subscription includes the rental and installation of equipment as well as unlimited access to a catalogue of prestige (250 titles with 5 new titles added every week).

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