Autonomous car : “we need to deconstruct a part of the discourse presenting it as a miracle solution “

Forum. Long synonymous of freedom, the car has become over time an everyday problem due to saturation of the road network. The developers are working today to the realization of a software able to replace the drivers, with the goal of thinning the traffic, eliminate accidents, reduce the impact of traffic on health and the environment.

despite the recent effects of ad, the appearance of this type of vehicle will require long lead times

Let’s say it, the autonomous car as a technology, cannot be qualified as “good” or ” bad “. But it is, however, necessary and possible to highlight some risks related to its use, and deconstruct a part of the discourse presenting it as a miracle solution. Because autonomous vehicles are in fact an extension of the imaginary linked to the development of the individual car.

It is necessary first to insist on the long lead time necessary for the appearance of the future autonomous car, despite the recent effects of ad. The autonomous car without driving position is scheduled for 2030, it does not represent 100% of the sales in the next decade, and a high percentage of the fleet (75 %) at the earliest around 2050. These a long time will disqualify the autonomous car as a mobility solution in the short and medium term.

Spreading urban

The development of the autonomous car will depend on the ability of the developers to keep the driver attentive and available to regain control of the vehicle, until autonomous vehicles can actually make the face 100 % of the situations. However, this transition phase will be critical to the development of the autonomous car.

Because the consequences on the image and viability of the technology for autonomous vehicles to a lack of reliability, and even potential accidents, will be even more important than the improvement…

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