At the Las Vegas Show, the future of cities is evident in the technology

In the exhibition space as the Consumer Electronics Show (ces) in Las Vegas dedicates for the first time, until Friday, January 12, at the smart city, the electric scooter foldable and connected Ujet, whereas in France this summer, with the shuttles autonomous Department. And Ericsson explains why ” the cities of the more intelligent people will think “5G” “, between the terminals of a vehicle charging of Electric Loading and the digital tools of management of the urban services of the u.s., Itron, manufacturers of meters Linky, to $ 2 billion (1.7 billion euros) in revenue.

The focus on the smart city by the great mass of innovation in electronics is in the image of the same concept of smart city : in its infancy, a little confused, not always free from marketing considerations – for certain brands, ” Smart is the New Green “, the argument of the connectivity has replaced that of the environment.

It bears witness to a revolution in the design of urban services, sensor-based, data captured in real-time and aggregated information on digital platforms management. More and more cities are demanding : their resources are running out, forcing them to find savings, and their networks of transport or energy, saturated fat, explode. This mutation requires the industry players to rethink their business and to increase partnerships, especially with innovative start-ups.


“Transport, security, energy, and air quality are not new sectors of activity, but the Internet of things has released the smart city to deal with these major issues of integrated and coordinated way,” says Paulo Ferreira, vice president of project smart cities in Bosch. The German group, which was presented in Las Vegas his catalogue of sensors, software, and services related to the smart city, provides a…

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