At Quies, one hundred years of silence, a single family

Attention, ” avoid holding the railing, the paint is not dry ! “Olivier Denis Of the Toll road climbs the stairs with caution. Quies, the company that he chairs, gave a nice facelift to the hundred years of the famous balls.

A Palaiseau (Essonne), the building which houses the company headquarters and production comes to be enlarged. Some 300 square metres of more, to support the growth and upgrade of facilities. At the bottom of the stairs, a workman spread a last layer of black. Top, new machines should arrive, and a few offices clean are waiting for their future occupants. In the court, the prefabricated are used to increase, temporarily, the little place will be dismantled.

When visitors arrive here, about 20 kilometers from the Eiffel tower, they often ask : “Where are the factories ? “Some people feel they have to deal with an american company, given the notoriety of the brand. They fall then from the top. “Ah, you are only 48 ? “The management has blocked the meter just below the threshold of 50, the “group” of just 90 people, and there is only one plant, this small building without grace. The balls, manufactured in a clean room at the ground floor, are packed to the floor.

Welcome to an SME 100 % tri-color, 100 % family, and who intends to remain so. Not only by investing in the production tool to not find yourself overwhelmed by the competition. But also preparing for the passing of the baton to a new generation, the fifth. A transition that can be tricky, as just to show the example of Selmer, king of the saxophone. Founded in 1885, the factory just sell it to an investment fund, any fault, in part, of keeping it in the family.

A net margin to dream for many industrial

For more than thirty years, Quies has been ruled by Olivier Denis Of the Toll, and his sister Christine Postel-Vinay,…

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