Artprice fits perfectly in the program, Europe’s Digital President Macron.

According to thierry Ehrmann, Chairman and Founder of Artprice : “the digital agenda of Emmanuel Macron, the President of the French Republic, fully embraces the challenge of the Art Market in France and the expectations of Artprice, the world leader in information about the Art Market”.

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In fact, the goal 5 program digital Emmanuel Macron is extremely clear :
“We will act for a digital single market in Europe, which will allow innovative businesses have the same rules everywhere in the european Union.”

Before this new legal framework, which profoundly changes the rules, Artprice will promptly get closer to the new bodies, and support his record to the Secretary of State to Digital, Mounir Mahjoubi, with enlarged powers relative to its predecessors by the decree 2007-1068 published in the OJ on 29 may 2017 consolidated version.

It is important to note that these expanded authorities placed under the authority of the directorate general of media and cultural industries. Remember that the know-how that is unique in the world of Artprice is already recognized by the official authorities by obtaining the BPI Innovative Company in November 2015.

This new legal orientation does not alter the timing of Artprice and its u.s. subsidiary.

This provision can give to Artprice, the immediate possibility to compete on equal terms with other european players who already have all the opportunities to engage in auctions on the Internet without the implausible and inconsistent constraints specific to France, which have lead only to the destruction of any form of future in the face of market places on Internet auctions in Europe, in North America and in the Greater Asia region.

The provisions in the internal law of the second reform, after the dismal failure of 2001 (law of 10 July 2000/decrees 2001-650 and following the July 19, 2001), which focused on the reform of auctions, auctioneers and sales companies public, have had negative effects both in terms of global market share, in terms of development opportunities at the international level. By these facts, France has a marginal share of the market of the Art world in 2016 of 2.5 %, see the annual Report Artprice, the Art Market.

In the light of the various activities and programmes being carried out by the President Macron, Artprice, by its figures regularly reported since 2011 and by our Standardized Marketplace protected by the intellectual property, which is by far the first in the world, can bring back the France in the leading trio in the world : China, USA, Uk.

Today on account of the administrative provisions anachronistic, Artprice in France cannot in any case benefit financially from its success.

All the actors of the Art Market, regardless of their size or their business, recognize that France, which was the world leader in the 60s, collapses year after year, because of the texts contrary to the spirit of the european directives that are coming to destroy systematically any form of digital economy under the guise of protectionism that result in fine, the destruction of wealth, jobs and market share.

It is in this context that Artprice has developed the project of IPO of its Standardized Marketplace, auctions and fixed price, through his corporation american for an introduction on a market that is anglo-saxon.

The new French presidency, through its paradigm shift and change in the light of its commitments, including the goal 5 program digital of Emmanuel Macron, can give to France a great place in terms of market share and this is only a few months.
If France represents the first cultural destination in the world, it should not be forgotten that it is, paradoxically, only 2.5 % of the Market is that the world of Art (Fine art).

“The same rules everywhere in the European Union”, according to the PDT Macron, would immediately monetization of the flow of transactions on the Standardized Marketplace, Artprice.

This would provide a historic opportunity for France to catch up on China, the united states and the United Kingdom that make up the leading trio.

The Standardized Marketplace, Artprice offers every day more than 62,000 works of Art in the average.

In addition, many jobs would be created, direct or indirect, demonstrating that it is not necessary to “be afraid of the digital.”

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