Armando Pereira, the secret number two to Altice

This march 20, on the site of Quadrans, the new headquarters of SFR, in Paris, five men, gray suit, white shirt, make their first public release. The new leaders of the operator come explain himself before the press since the precipitous drop in the Stock price of the parent company Altice in November 2017 and the decision taken by the controlling shareholder, Patrick Drahi overhaul of the management. In three years, the brand with the red square and white has lost 2 million customers. The time is mea culpa.

Conductor of the band, Alain Weill sets the tone. “A yard too slow to be launched, that of the customer,” says the new CEO of the telecom operator. At his side, Gregory Rabuel, boss the general public, François Vauthier, chief financial officer, Damien Bernet, and media Arthur Dreyfuss, the secretary-general. A central character is missing : Armando Pereira. The new managing director of LICO is-once again-to wear pale. “He doesn’t like to show off “, the excuse is Alain Weill. For this portrait, it has not agreed to meet with us.

Old companion of Patrick Drahi, Armando Pereira, who does not appear in the official documents of the company, holds 5 % of Altice, according to Challenges. Since they have got acquainted in a café in the Drugstore Publicis on the Champs Elysées, in 1991, the two men sealed their fates. Armando Pereira became the subcontractor of Patrick Drahi, who began his adventure in the cable. In 2002, he joined in Altice. “Patrick Drahi has told me one day that he saw Armando as a blood brother,” recalls a former employee.

The self-taught and started as a installer telecom

The duo has shared the tasks. Patrick Drahi looks after finance and marketing ; Armando Pereira pilot the technical and the cost. The self-taught and started as a installer in telecom. Very quickly, he has led…

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