Appropriate for the u.s. central bank to wait with the next rate hike.

It may be appropriate for the Federal Reserve to take a break when it comes to next interest rate hike at some point and that then, probably later in the year, to end återinvesteringarna of the money from the central bank’s holdings of bonds that fall due for payment.

The said Patrick Harker, head of the Federal Reserve’s Philadelphia region, in an interview with the Financial Times.

At the same time defending the Fed the central bank’s decision to raise the refinancing rate at the June meeting, despite the recent weaker us macroeconomic data.

Patrick Harker has been on the hökaktigare part of the Fed-the executive board and argued for styrräntehöjningar. He stated, however, that if inflation hits the brakes he would revise its monetary policy stance.

According to Patrick Harkers forecasts, it may possibly be a further interest rate hike from the Fed this year.

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