Apple next year a billion dollars intended for show production

The tv and smart phone manufacturer Apple american corporation has announced that next year, approximately a billion dollars intended for show production.

The Wall Street Journal’s analysis, according to this announcement, Apple has indicated: enter the movie business, and the hollywodi movie is one of the great rivals of seeking to become.

Apple show’s production budget less than half, the Time Warner company is a subsidiary of, premium movie channels operating at HBO last year spent on content service. According to the plans, Apple is alone next year ten show production, or purchase. Eddie Cue, vice president in the HBO game of Thrones series of a similar type of good quality shows promise, and this is expected to be a video focusing on new service launch.

The content production two hollywood veterans, the sony from seduced Jamie Erlich and Zack Van Amburg running. The two professionals in June, he joined Apple’s Los Angeles office, where Apple’s music department took over the show’s production with and -shopping-related tasks. Press according to negotiate Hollywood a known actor of future film about.

Apple has already got a video-business: the digital music and video player suitable for iTunes media player. This last year more than 4 billion dollar revenue for the company, but the revenue from Netflix and Amazon streaming content services expanded in parallel with the continuously decreasing.

Analysts draw attention to the fact that the internet streaming services spread slowly completely put an end to the blu-ray and the DVD-rental-olds. Amazon, for example, just the other day she locked one of the european rental-service, love film. The streaming services – like Netflix or Hulu – and more and more companies launching to this market, try to do it. Walt Disney recently announced that a movie of extracts of Netflix and their streaming service will launch.

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