Anti-money laundering : the casinos win against the State

The win against the police and to condemn the State. Well rebel’s dream, the casinos have done. Engaged for several months in a battle against the police games, the industry professionals come to get gain of cause. In a judgment delivered Friday, may 4, the State Council gave reason to the three federations of employers who had entered.

The highest administrative court has annulled the rules that the police had believed to be able to impose on the casinos in terms of the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, and that they also strongly challenged. The State must also pay 3 000 euros for the three unions to cover the costs incurred.

“This decision is a milestone “, said Jean-Philippe Dom, one of the lawyers of the casinos. By changing the ratio of power between the State and the casinos, the stop should cause the government to take over the issue of the fight against money laundering on new bases. The profession has already submitted proposals for self-regulation.

After winning in court, ” the casinos want to in all cases an easing of relations with the police “, assures Me Dom. It is not acquired, as the tensions are high, since a few years, between the ministry of the interior and some casinos.

To understand these frictions, it is necessary to go back to December 2013. At the time, the Service central racing and gaming (SCCJ) is suspected of collusion with the leaders of the gaming clubs in paris, or even the ” middle “, and the minister of the interior, Manuel Valls, launched an operation ” clean hands “. It requires a thorough audit of the service, and resigns from the commissioner who was in charge.

Surprise Inspections

His successor, Philippe Ménard, is appointed to bring order. In particular, in the casinos, which turn a blind eye on it on certain practices, including…

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