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Tuesday, on the move in the Haute-Vienne, the President and Emmanuel Macron has confirmed its commitments to campaign in the area of digital development of the territory and its belief that it is necessary to find a real alternative, reliable and economic, for the areas where fiber optic is not feasible in the short term. The 4G fixed (also known as LTE, fixed or RttH) is one of these solutions. This technology, which is different from the 4G mobile operators with national, provides access to the THD in a sustainable manner for the landlocked territories, with deployment time of 12 months, on average.

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The FIRIP, Federation of Industrial Networks of Public Initiative, which advocates this position, and this technology for the past 18 months through the implementation of experiments and an educational effort standing on the subject, welcomes the statement of the President of the Republic.

The FIRIP therefore calls on the Government to come and close the conference, on 4 July, dedicated precisely to this issue : “4G, fixed and satellite solutions for the THD in rural areas “.
Organized in Eutelsat (70 rue Balard – Paris) at 11: 30am, following the Assembly general of the federation, this symposium should bring together a forum of more than 200 industrial sector.

“We expect the presentation of a study on the place of alternatives in the framework of the digital development of the territory by THD, carried out by Idate and CNES, and then a round-table with major players in the sector. Also, we invite a Government representative to come and close this conference, specifying concrete methods, and in particular financing, he wants to grant to the 4G fixed within this framework, ” explains Etienne Dugas, President of the FIRIP.

About the FIRIP :
Created on December 6, 2012 the Federation of Industrial Networks of Public Initiative (FIRIP), includes more than 180 companies, a turnover of 2 billion euros in 2016 in the RIP, representing 8.100 direct jobs in the various trades of the value chain of the RIP.
It demonstrates the economic importance of this new branch which wishes to participate actively in the Great project of the deployment of the THD estimated at more than € 20 billion by 2022, which is funded by the Public and the Private. The federation also wants to help in the promotion of the trades of the fibre deployment, and the qualification expertise necessary for the implementation of high speed broadband.
The FIRIP is the questioner Industrial Mission France very high speed, she is a member of the Strategic Committee of the Digital Sector, and showcases the tremendous impact of the deployment of the optical Fiber on the economy and on employment.
The Federation, develops constructive partnerships and non-exclusive with the set of institutional actors, the technical, the Regulator and the major economic players in the telecommunications sector, in order to contribute to the development of this sector. Cf.

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