Analysis: the Positive undertone in the SKF B.

SKF B has rekylerat a little more than expected, but during the week, come back strong, and formed a new swing high on a daily basis which increases the odds of an imminent recovery.

SKF, the share has since a year back has shown positive signals by breaking the falling trend from 2015 and establish themselves above the stigandejämviktsvärdet, MA 40 weeks. The share has subsequently broken away at the top from a larger bottenformation and gathered effect above the 166kr level which previously constituted a resistance… which led to a new outbreak through the 179-182kr.

The trend is clearly rising… and as long as the resistance is passed and then converted to support on the test from above, there are good prerequisites for further rise against the 230kr. To get there is resistance at 203 followed by 210kr.

Share after peaking at 203.50 usd at the end of april rekylerat by nearly 15 % and marginally closed below support at 180kr but the trigger never stoplossen, when the shares have not closed below the 175kr, which means that we retain our positive scenario. During the week forced the share the previous swing high on a daily basis which gives it a positive undertone and increases the odds that the shares are facing a rebound. We reiterate our buy recommendation and see the an ideal entry level around 180kr. Målkursen retained to 202kr and the emergency exit remains the same d.v.p. a closure during the 175kr.

Would the share the against all odds show weakness, by once again significantly get under 180kr is support in the form of previous bottoms around 172.50 $ must hold in the future.

In a long-term perspective, the shares have come more than halfway towards the intervalltaket in handelsintervallet where the shares have been traded in the past two years.


Entrance buy

The OMXS Large Cap

Emergency exit

181.90 usd
Direct avk.

The stock is traded on the stockholm stock exchange, under the symbol SKF B.

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