Analysis: SHB A signal weakness…

SHB A risk to close below support around 118kr which in such a case opens up for further decline and a reconciliation of stödzonen around 109kr. Sign of strength is given about the share forces 130kr on the top.

Svenska Handelsbanken and SEB are among the weakest bank shares when both have shown a lower peak compared with the all-time-highs. Nordea has tested the previous peak, while Swedbank passed this on the top. This can be good to know for an upturn on the stock in the first place to lead after the buy signals the strongest bank in the share.

Since the middle of October, the SHB A found support around the 118kr and at each test at the end of the week, has rejected this level. Last week showed the share is not that this behavior on which the share is closed in principle on the veckolägsta and exactly on the support. The lack of a backlash is an ominous sign that threatens to trigger a sell signal where the nearest support is at 109kr.

In the short term, the stock is blankningsbar at the continued fall in share prices and a backlash and the test of 118kr from the bottom up. The emergency exit is placed preferably at a closing above 121.50 £ Målkurs is set to 109kr.

That the share will be interesting for a purchase, the share pass the July top at 127.50 usd, followed by the further rise through the 130kr and then a reaction and test of the MA 40 weeks from the top, around the 126kr.

The stock is traded on the stockholm stock exchange, under the symbol SHB A.

Entrance sell

The OMXS Large Cap

Emergency exit
121.50 kr

118.80 usd
Direct avk.

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