Analysis: Positive test of the MA 40 weeks in the NetEnt B.

NetEnt (B) has during the week, successfully rejected the MA 40 weeks from the top, which provide support for an outbreak up shortly. Forced 73.50 usd triggered a buy signal.

NetEnt (B) long-term rising major trend in the past year leveled out within a sideways handelsintervall between 57 and 92kr. Within this consolidation, the exhibits share a sequence of rising lows and falling highs which formed a kraftansamlingsfas in the form of a triangelformation. Then huvudtrenden still rising expected an outbreak on the top in the first place, which supported the share price for the first time in years, closed significantly above the long-term jämviktsvärdet in the form of the MA 40 weeks, which leveled out.

During the week, strengthened the technical picture further by the share price tested the MA 40 weeks from the top, which is strongly rejected by the formation of a hammer vändningscandlestick. Consequently, it appears that the share is facing an outbreak upwards, and we see an opportunity to be with right now, in a supposedly utbrottsförsök.

We recommend a new purchase where we raise ingångkursen for 71kr. The emergency exit is placed preferably at a closing under 68kr. Målkurs is set to 78kr.

Would the share the against all odds show weakness by having a significant close below the MA 40 weeks, the nearest support around 65 ce, the Tool 61kr on the downside, the rising huvudtrenden questionable.

On the top is resistance at 73.50, 77, 85, and 92kr.

The share traded above the long-term utplanandejämviktsvärdet, MA 40 weeks.

NetEnt (B)

Entrance buy

The OMXS Large Cap

Emergency exit

72.50 kr
Direct avk.

The stock is traded on the stockholm stock exchange, under the symbol NET B.

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