Analysis: Boliden buy signal triggered.

The Boliden share has triggered a huvudskuldra buy signal… indicating further rise against the 340kr. So long as the share is trading above the support at the 283kr are the conditions the best possible for a trendande movement on the top.

The Boliden share is one of the strongest shares on the stockholm stock exchange, which recently triggered a strong buy signal from a huvudskuldra formation. Prisobjektivet which represents the difference between the bottom and the ceiling of the price range indicates a rise against the 340kr in the first place. The conditions for a sustained movement on the upper side is very good then the stock market as a whole is strong and the shares do not have a natural supply of sellers who want to get out on breakeven levels, then the share price recently made a new all time high.

So long as the share price respects support at nacklinjen in huvudskuldra formation around 283kr is the positive main scenario intact. The stock is buyable on the rebound, particularly within the range of 283-287kr. The emergency exit is placed preferably at a closing on a weekly basis during the 279kr. Målkurs is set to 339kr.

Would share, however, dashing uppgångsplanerna by significant shut down during the 283kr considered köpsignalen be false with the accompanied decline of utbrottshandlare that is wrong in the market against 260kr in the first place.

The stock is traded over the long-term rising 40-week moving average.


Entrance buy

The OMXS Large Cap

Emergency exit

298.60 kr
Direct avk.

 The stock is traded on the stockholm stock exchange, under the symbol BOL.

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