Analysis: Axfood joins forces before the outbreak!

Axfood has since the beginning of June clearly gathered. The short-term the trend is increasingly positive, and the regular challenging of the kanaltaket has been going on since June, indicating that we may be facing a nice outbreak to the north, then the downside is also been limited during the recoils.

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Grocery chain Axfood has earlier in the year kontrats of a couple of large recoils. The first downturn came in the beginning of February, the other in the middle of march.

Subsequently, the development of Axfood experienced clear underlying positive attitude. Not least, we got to experience excluded technical key levels as the sole partner with MA 200, but even a broken previous resistance level around 144.50 kronor, which notes the significant volume.

Since the beginning of June, the increase, however, took a break, and after a long period of sideways trading, we are experiencing signs of clear focus.

The short-term trend whose guidance will come from both the 50 and 100 day moving average, sending both of the positive signals. At the same time, we are experiencing recurrent challenging of the kanaltaket at 149 sek.

In the short term, we believe that the probability is slightly increased that we can get a decline that tests the kanalgolvet, whereupon we see an attractive köpläge around 145.50 sek.

Accordingly, we believe that there is a high probability that we are now facing an outbreak then out of the build-up, and that we can get a trip to the north up to 154 kronor, which is already over a year ago, experienced the difficulty to breakthrough on the downside.

Tentatively placed a stop loss already at 142.50 million, for the to bekränsa a possible setback.

Axfood traded since mid-may, over the long-term partner in the form of the 200 day moving average. During the month of June also features the company’s share managed to find the land over there is really heavy the fork in the road the 12-month moving average, which is considered to be extremely positive for the future development.

As late as the end of may, it was revealed in a press release that Axfood, through its subsidiary, Matse Holding bought Middagsfrid.

According to the Breakit was the sum of approximately 20 million sek, which was a substantial discount on the previous sum of sek 100 million as Middagsfrid been offered for sale during 2015. The reason for the discounted price, is that the sales trend as well as results have been weak over the past few years in the company.

The stock is traded on the stockholm stock exchange, under the symbol AXFO.


Entrance buy
145.50 £

154.00 £
The OMXS Large Cap

Emergency exit
142.50 £

146.90 £
Direct avk.

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