Analysis: Attractive köpläge in Betsson!

Betssson has continued to be balanced around 80 sek during the year. In the beginning of August, we got again a rebound at this technical key level, after previously renewed köpstyrka, whereupon we scored a steady movement to the south then. Overreaction after less recoil during the past week have challenged technical support at 71 sek, and kanalgolvet in the current quarter. Attractive köpläge is thus seen surrounding this technical key level, then we also find ourselves in the outer part of a volume range…

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The gaming company Betsson has been in since February of this year it had a clear thrust towards, and balancing around 80 kronor.

This technical key level, have repeatedly been hard to beat, and in addition kontrats of the unrest about possible tax reforms on companies in parts of Europe.

However, kanalgolvet in the third quarter meant that we found heavy support from buyers around 71 dollars.

On 4 september, it was revealed that the company’s ceo, Ulrik Bengtsson ending, which also left immediately. According to Bengtsson himself he resigned as a result of that he and the board have different views on the strategic priorities for the future.

This created a trigger to the over reaction with the fall in order to challenge the 71 sek. Then came the new tag, followed by less profit-taking.

We estimate the probability as high, that we will now get a rebound, get to re-work us up to kanaltaket, to challenge the 80 dollars on the new.

A köpläge is thus seen already around 71 sek, then we in addition to the technical situation also find ourselves in the lower part of a larger volume range within the 71-80 crowns. Nevertheless land thus målkursen at 80 dollars, because we expect the withdrawal of the sales force around this price level.

We would unlikely get a continued overreaction, or renewed negative situation as a result of unexpected negative news, we are limiting the downturn by tentatively placing a stop loss at 68 crowns. At this price level also increases the risk that we may get a somewhat more significant drop, to at least sek 60.

The company’s share traded in our big medeltalstrio, in the form of 50, 100 and 200-day moving average.

The stock is traded on the stockholm stock exchange, under the symbol BETS B.


Entrance buy
71.00 usd

80.00 kr
The OMXS Large Cap

Emergency exit
68.00 kr

71.40 £
Direct avk.

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