Analysis: Atlas Copco gearing up for the new tag!

After a sur development during the summer, shortly after the Atlas Copco noted a new all time high at the end of June, has a clear focus begun. August has begun with an underlying positive attitude, which is also shown by köpstyrkan starting to wake up to life all the more. Confirmation of the further rise expected by the outbreak out of focus.

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Atlas Copco has in the current year experienced a steady rise since the month of January.

The company noted a new all time high at the end of June. Then came the summer rapportbesvikelser, which dominated the development during July.

The decline means that we are in a month, lost more than -12 percent of the market capitalization, at the same time, we have now begun the month of August with underlying positive attitude.

We seem to experience a concentration, where köpstyrkan starting to wake up to life all the more.

A confirmation of the further rise is expected, by an outbreak out of the range in the 290-300 crowns that have been going on in August.

This means that we see a köpläge around 301 dollars. Alternatively, an initial position is already in the current situation, in order to scale up the position as we get confirmation of köpstyrkan.

During the trip we see a less anhalt at 305), which have previously been in focus as a fulcrum as late as in the month of march, when difficulty was experienced prior to on the rise.

If börssentimentet become positive in the autumn, there are opportunities to rise against the 335 kronor. The probability for this is however, lower in the current situation, then the sentiment right now in the market is somewhat more difficult to assess. Thus the lands målkursen of 315 sek, as we expect a larger resistance from the sellers around this price level.

In order to limit the downside a stop loss is suggested to be placed already at 296 kronor, as a decline below this level increases the likelihood of sek 290 will be challenged. A breakthrough of sek 290 would also change our positive image.

Apart from a heavy rapportbesvikelse in the middle of July, it has been made clear in August that the company buys kompressordistributören Glauber Equipment Corporation in the united states.

The company is a distributor and service provider of Atlas Copco’s compressors.

The stock is traded on the stockholm stock exchange, under the symbol ATCO A.

Atlas Copco

Entrance buy
301.00 kr

315.00 £
The OMXS Large Cap

Emergency exit
296.00 £

294.30 kr
Direct avk.

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