Analysis: a Positive response will open up for purchase in Securitas B.

The Securitas share has shown positive indications by double vändningscandlesticks after a test of support at the intervallbotten… which opens up on rise against in the first place 139kr.

The Securitas share has after a trendaccelerering on the upper side in the beginning of 2015 -when the share was trading at a stretched level in comparison with the long-term jämviktsvärdet -had a quieter development in the past year resulted in a sideways handelsintervall between 125 and 153kr.

Since June, the shares have been weak, which has taken the share price down for a test of intervallbotten where the shares shown positive indications by the formation of double vändningscandlsticks in the form of ”hammers”. This indicates that a köprespons presented and open up for a rebound against in the first place 139kr and possibly a test of the previous highs. So long as the share price on a weekly basis reject 128kr top view (d).v.p. closes above at the end of the week after a test below, conditions are good for a recovery.

We see further test of the 128kr as an attractive entry level for a buy when a stoploss can be placed narrowly in relation to the potential on the upper side.

Would the share the against all odds to overthrow the showed köpresponsen through to close during the 125kr are supported at 120 followed by 110kr. In a positive scenario there is resistance on the upper side, at 139, followed by 153kr.

The long-term jämviktsvärdet in the form of the MA 40 weeks has in recent months taken a slightly negative development.

Securitas B

Entrance buy

The OMXS Large Cap

Emergency exit
124.50 £

131.40 £
Direct avk.

The stock is traded on the stockholm stock exchange, under the symbol SECU B.

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