An increase in social spending unsustainable

Between 2010 and 2016, social spending departments (RSA, social assistance to children, seniors, and people with disabilities) have increased by 24.5 %. They are now 32 billion euros and represent more than half (55 %) of their operating expenditures (65% in overseas). They are the first cause of the deterioration of the financial situation of the departments, ” notes the Court of auditors in its latest report on local public finance.

The share of social spending that is not offset by financial transfers of the State increased much faster than the other revenue departments. The devices help exceptional put in place and the opportunity for departments to raise the rate of the transfer rights for consideration (DMTO) were not enough to remedy the situation. In 2015, spending on the three allowances of individual solidarity (income of active solidarity, disability compensation allowance and allowance for loss of autonomy) amounted to 17.5 billion euros, and the resources allocated to the fund to $ 10 billion, or a rate of compensation of 57 %.

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