Among the strikers ‘station of the Aveyron :” Hello, it is we, the slackers of the railwaymen “

The doors of the train station of Sévérac-le-Château (Aveyron) were closed, the curtains wickets down and not a traveller wandering on the docks. None of the eight daily trains of the small line Béziers-Neussargues not circulated Monday, 9 April, the fourth day of a national strike. A quarantine of railway workers, massed in the square, were set in scene with a train dummy and a huge banner, proclaiming “privatization = train in cardboard,” an allusion to the replacement of the small rail lines by buses. The stage is set and the troops a lift.

The general assembly (GA), held a few minutes earlier, had voted unanimously to the reappointment for the day Friday, April 13, and prepared his future actions. For these men and women of the rail, the challenge is to change their image. Over the course of discussion, misunderstanding the quarrel to anger against this label of “rich” that sticks to the skin since the beginning of the conflict. The AG was transformed, for a few moments, in group therapy, where many tell of having family meals “complicated” and discussions between friends feisty. “Have to stop this, this is not normal, letting it say all that ! “exclaimed a rolling, talking of the” counter-truths of BFM ” or “lies” of the government on their working conditions. A murmur of wrath was heard. We feel the collective flower of skin.

“Lack of respect ”

“There is a lack of consideration relative to our business that offends me. Today, we should be justified in telling that we get up at 4 o’clock in the morning, that we miss out on Christmas and that we don’t see our children, ” teases Paul, switcher Lozère, 36 years, of which eleven at the station. Frederick, it, traffic officer, do not include “lack of respect” : “When we are working a forty Sundays per year, paid only 4 euros more per hour then that is the double…

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