Amazon removes its platform of products with nazi symbols

A pendant swastika, a sticker in the form of an eagle, a nazi, or even a sword stamped SS : here are some of the objects that the users could obtain, until recently, on Amazon. Tuesday, July 31, the u.s. group announced in a letter addressed to the parliamentary democrat Keith Ellison, that he had deleted from its platform the products that violate its rules. The latter stipulates, says the company, that Amazon ” banned products that promote or glorify hatred, violence and intolerance “.

In July, two american entities (the Partnership for Working Families and Action Center on Race & the Economy) had published a report in which they denounced the presence, on Amazon, of items with nazi symbols, but also references to the Ku Klux Klan or praising suprématisme white. Of cross burning were, for example, printed on bodysuits for children.

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