Amazon, or how not to pay taxes

A cactus of six meters high, the Empire State Building illuminated with colours of the company, a city renamed in his name, the elect americans were not lacking imagination to participate in the largest competition of american history modern : the installation of the second seat from Amazon. There is something to salivate for all the country’s cities in search of jobs and wealth : $ 5 billion (4.3 billion euros) of investment and 50,000 jobs. Thursday, October 19, the call for applications has been closed and the firm of Seattle announced Monday, October 23, having received the records of 238 cities and regions. On the fifty States in the country, only six have not competed. Add to this the five main regions in canada and two in Mexico. Everyone wants Amazon.

This belly dance spectacular shows up to the caricature of two major current trends : the urbanization of the economy and the power of large enterprises, which enables them to pay the taxes they want.

At each new warehouse, his little bonus

In its call for tenders, the giant of online commerce has been clear. The seat will only come about in a city of at least 1 million inhabitants, with a high-quality infrastructure and an ecosystem university of high level. Without forgetting, of course, a cultural environment worthy of the name. The move, in 2010, of the current headquarters of the company, to the outskirts of the city centre of Seattle, had already shown : the urban is to the mode.

The power of attraction of large cities has never been as powerful. As if the hyperdécentralisation brought by the Internet is paid back by a centralisation extreme places of life. Everywhere, the medium-sized cities are struggling to follow this movement of concentration. France, also, focuses on a dozen major cities, casting into the shade the rest of the territory.

Power financial


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