Amazon has worried u.s. pharmacy

This business is very regulated him had hitherto escaped, but the pharmacy could well be the next el dorado of Amazon. According to the information of Bloomberg, the giant of online sales has obtained licenses from a wholesaler in at least thirteen u.s. States. Some have been obtained this year, the other in 2016.

The firm of Seattle (Washington State) has not yet unveiled his strategy, and she would always be thinking about. It is expected to make his decision before Thanksgiving, 23 November, has indicated however, at the beginning of October, the television channel CNBC, without revealing its source. In the meantime, speculation abounds, and the slightest rumor is enough to stagger the market price of the pharmacy chains such as CVS Health, Walgreens, Wal-Mart or Rite Aid.

The challenge is daunting : according to the latest statistics published by the u.s. government, expenditures on prescription drugs have nearly $ 325 billion in 2015 (280 billion euros), an increase of 9 % compared to 2014. But to capture new patients is not a simple matter in a country where the health insurance does not follow any universal rule.

Game of billiards with three stripes

The majority of Americans are affiliated with a private insurance company, with contracts negotiated by their employer. The treatments taken in charge by the insurer to depend on another category of actors : the pharmacy benefit managers, or PBM.

These intermediaries have the task of establishing a list of medicines that will be reimbursed – the formulary. The price – to- free in the United States – is part of the selection criteria, the PBM negotiate discounts with manufacturers and pharmacies, sometimes in exchange for exclusives. Patients who are elderly or poor are covered by two programs public insurance – Medicare or Medicaid – but the support of the drug also passes through the PBM.


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