Alliance presents ”inträdesjobb”.

The alliance unveiled on Tuesday a proposal for the so-called inträdesjobb, which will provide the opportunity to combine job and education.

The proposal was presented at a press conference with alliansledarna on Tuesday.

”The aim is to get more people to go from contribution to work,” said Anna Kinberg Batra.

The proposal is addressed both to newcomers and to young people up to 23 years old without a high school diploma.

Inträdesjobb terms of three years, and within the context of the proposal abolished the employer’s contribution completely and people should be able to be engaged to 70% of the current starting salary, said the Centre party leader Annie Lööf.

”Sweden has had a low threshold to enter the country, but a high to enter the labour market”, said the Liberal party leader Jan Björklund.

He said that the Alliance’s proposal differs from other, similar, proposals to inträdesjobb is a regular employment and no labor action.

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