Airbus : Tom Enders and his number two pushed-out

Are there still pilots at the controls of the Airbus ? The tandem, who presides over the destinies of the european airplane manufacturer would be on the point of exploding in volume, According to a published information, Tuesday, December 12, on the Internet site of le Figaro, executive chairman, Tom Enders, had informed the Palace that he does not intend to seek reappointment for a renewal of his mandate at the head of the group, which ends in may 2019. His number two, the director-general Fabrice Brégier, could, according to our information, leave him the group, but even more quickly, at the beginning of 2018. The question of these two starts could be discussed at the board of directors expected on Thursday 14 December. Questioned, its chairman, Denis Ranque, declined to comment. He recalled that this meeting has been fixed for a long time and that ” the board does not communicate. His agenda, his schedule, its deliberations are secret. But this does not mean that we are not active “.

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The boss of Airbus, Thomas Enders, should not woo a third term, according to ” Le Figaro ”

However, Mr Ranque said that to date ” no decision regarding the management of the group has not been taken “. A creed adopted by Mr. Enders. In a press release issued Tuesday, the boss of Airbus has made it clear : “The decision about my future as chief executive officer of Airbus is not taken by the French press or the French government or any government. It is taken by the board of directors or by myself but ideally the outcome of a consensus between the council and me. “The future is clouded for the German leader, who, in march 2017, the margin of the annual general meeting of the group, did not rule out being a candidate for a third term after may 2019.

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