Airbus loses its technical director, the CEO, Tom Enders, weakened

Paul Eremenko will have missed its landing at Airbus. Appointed in June 2016 technical director of the european company, it remained in service less than a year and a half. Confirming information of The Tribune, Airbus has announced, Thursday, November 30, the start of his rookie chipée to the Silicon Valley. The American left, the european airplane manufacturer to join the american conglomerate United Technologies (UTC), of which he became the head of research. At Airbus, he is replaced by Marc Fontaine, already in charge of the digital transformation of the group.

With Paul Eremenko, it is one of the recruits emblematic of the president Tom Enders, who slams the door of the european airplane manufacturer. This aeronautical engineer, spent by Google, Motorola and Darpa, the research agency of the Pentagon, and whose mission was to ” bring innovation, to open the group to new activities and enter the digital age “, was very controversial within Airbus. In particular, for his willingness to infuse the spirit of Silicon Valley in the european group, where the atmosphere seems to be more deleterious.

For some, the fewer, the U.s. “has woken up the ship” Aircraft. For others, however, ” it has shaken the organization of the group with methods too brutal “. Internally, his detractors accused him of not having understood that Airbus was working on the long time, in contrast to the frantic pace of the young shoots in california. Has the believe, this “hyperactive bright” would not have seen that Airbus ” is a liner which does not react to the speed of a start-up “.

“Research in a garage ”

On the side of the unions, it is not outside the tissues after the departure of Paul Eremenko. “This is not a loss,” notes the CGT of Airbus, which still has not digested the closure of the centre for research and development (R&D) in Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine). “The…

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