Airbus loses its all-new commercial director

The already long list of departures of leaders continues to grow at Airbus. After the ex-number two, Fabrice Brégier, the commercial director John Leahy and the coming of the chief financial officer Harald Wilhelm, it is the new sales manager of Airbus, Eric Schulz, who has decided on Thursday, September 13, to leave abruptly its functions. Only nine months after having been poached from Rolls-Royce as a successor to John Leahy, the historical pattern of sales for Airbus.

Officially, Mr. Schulz has chosen to leave for “personal reasons,” said the european company in a press release. In-house, and under the cover of anonymity, executives point the finger at the poor results reported by a defector from Rolls-Royce. The number of orders is not, far from it, in the hopes of Airbus. Since the beginning of the year, the european airplane manufacturer, is widely distanced by Boeing. Only 219 orders for Airbus, compared to 581 for its rival american. With this bad time, Airbus could, for the first time since many years, does not achieve its objective of a number of commands that are equivalent to those for deliveries. To explain the slump in sales, Airbus can hardly to blame only on the delays caused by its suppliers. In effect, Boeing is also plagued by the same ailments, without for as much as its order book is unaffected.

True air hole

The sudden departure of Eric Schulz confirms that ” the grafts of senior leaders from the outside have a lot of trouble to take at Airbus “, leading a senior officer. Especially, the former of home of Rolls-Royce has been recruited, there is less than a year, while Airbus faces a real air hole. Indeed, the european airplane manufacturer, is under several investigations, anti-corruption. In addition, Eric Schulz may have also been a victim “of his strong personality,” and the war…

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