Airbus chooses Guillaume Faury to succeed Tom Enders

As expected, Airbus has chosen to accelerate the process of designation of the successor of the German Tom Enders at the executive president of the group, Airbus. Meeting Monday, October 8, the board of directors has endorsed the choice of Guillaume Faury, ceo of Airbus commercial aviation, to succeed Mr. Enders, in office since 2012.

This appointment was no longer in doubt after France and Germany, shareholders of the european company, had given their green light, a few days ago, in this application the internal. Aged 50, Mr Faury is therefore going to sit in the chair Tom Enders, 59 years old, the start of which is planned for the end of April 2019.

To reach the peak of Airbus, Guillaume Faury has enjoyed a certain dose of luck, which led him to be designated as a dolphin by Tom Enders. After the meeting of the board of directors, Mr. Enders and Mr. Faury were enthusiastic in their praise mutual. “William is an excellent choice. (…) It represents the new generation of leaders which Airbus will need in the next ten years. He knows that he can count on me to ensure a smooth transition “, said Mr Enders. “I am very honored to have been chosen “, has thanked his future replacement. It must be said that the current boss of european aircraft manufacturer has not spared its efforts to organize his estate to his hand.

In less than two years, he has discarded all the executives would have been entitled to sit in his chair. In turn, Marwan Lahoud, the ex-chief strategy officer, and John Leahy, the historic commercial director, Fabrice Brégier, the former number two, and Eric Schulz, the new commercial director, have been put on the sidelines. The bleeding is not halted. The chief financial officer, Harald Wilhelm, has already announced that he would take the door to his tour next spring.

A wave of departures that comes as Airbus…

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