Airbus and Boeing are turning to services to boost their margins

This is the new mint that makes your mouth Airbus and Boeing. On the occasion of the air Show of Farnborough, in the large suburbs of London, the two aircraft rivals have announced to tower of role, Tuesday, July 17, that he had discovered a new seam in order to inflate their profits. After aircraft orders, their next battleground will be the services. This additional activity which encompasses flight operations, marketing, ingeniering and the maintenance of the aircraft.

Believe, Airbus and Boeing, it promises to be a veritable eldorado. According to calculations of the european airplane manufacturer, this new market is expected to represent, during the next twenty years, 4 600 billion dollars (approximately 3 958 billion euros). Boeing envisions a manna even more important. According to him, the turnover of the services could be established by 2037 8-us $ 800 billion (around 7 500 billion euros). A lot more than the market of new aircraft that, over the same period, it should peak at 6, 300 billion dollars (about 5,400 billion euros).

Philippe Mhun, director general of the business services, Airbus, explains the difference between the quantities of the two manufacturers by the taken into account by Boeing ” service operations at airports and cargo “. However, the magnitude of the sums involved has something to whet the appetites of the two giants of the aerospace.

A fierce fight between the two rivals

Randy Tinseth, vice-president in charge of marketing of Boeing, is already planning to achieve a turnover in services of $ 50 billion within ten years. Airbus has ambitions, a little more modest. The european company wants ” to multiply by three the turnover of its business services to aim for ten billion dollars over the next decade. “

Boeing has created, at the end of 2016, a new division called Boeing’s Global Services (BGS), which conducts…

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