Air France : Mr. Janaillac is launching a referendum on the salaries

In the Face of the persistence of the strike at Air France, Jean-Marc Janaillac, CEO of Air France-KLM, has decided to play, on Friday, April 20, everything.

Two hours after the final refusal of the majority of trade union organisations of the proposed pay deal put on the table by the executive on 16 April, the boss has decided to arrange a direct consultation of all employees.

From 26 April, and for ten days, the company habs will check electronically all of the drivers, the personal cabins or agents to the soil on the project for a wage increase of 7 % over 4 years, adding to the individual increases.

“Desperate manoeuvre ”

In case of failure, Mr. Janaillac will go. “If the result is negative, I don’t see how I could stay at the head of Air France “, he stated.

“The collective destiny of the enterprise is the priority. I joined this company to help her return to a leading position and not to its decline. My personal future is nothing in the light of the enormous challenge that is the future of Air France. ”

It is a ” desperate manoeuvre “, was criticised on Friday evening, Philippe Evain, the president of the SNPL, majority union among pilots. “We do not understand this stubbornness” and ” we do not see the interest for our CEO to put his departure in the balance “, he entrusted to the Agence France-presse (AFP). For Vincent Rooms (CGT), Air France stirs ” the division between the employees (…) by playing on the fears “. It is also a “denial of democracy” vis-à-vis the unions, he insisted. For his part, Jérôme Beaurain (SOUTHERN Air) ensures that the employees “are not fools” and they would “certainly reject massively” in the text.

“Stop living in the past ”

Until now, the proposal of the directorate,…

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