Air Berlin could lay off up to 1,400 employees

According to a trade union, as revealed by the AFP, some up to 1,400 of the 8,000 Air Berlin, which might be soon dismissed, certain “by the end of the month” and others, whose presence is still required here “at the end of February 2018”.

The ground staff and administrative would be the main concerned. According to this document, the activity of Air Berlin could stop very quickly, only his subsidiary Niki should continue to fly.

Dropped by its main shareholder, the company, Gulf, Etihad, Air Berlin has committed an insolvency process in mid-August and is looking for buyers.

Draft agreement with Lufthansa and Easyjet

At the end of September, the German services union Verdi had called on the company and its prospective buyers to develop a “rescue plan” for some 8,000 employees of the company in berlin at the end of life, and to create a “transfer company” to prepare in optimum conditions, the dismissed workers to new employment, by assistance activities of professional, qualification, and placement.

According to the boss of Air Berlin, Thomas Winkelmann, the draft agreement with Lufthansa and Easyjet to buy parts of the company in berlin “should offer good prospects to 80% of our colleagues”. The two groups lead discussions with Air Berlin, which must end on the 12th of October.

The German Lufthansa has announced the hiring of 3,000 people for his company to low cost Eurowings, which could recover the planes Air Berlin. However, if the company provides a fast-track procedure for recruiting the employees of Air Berlin, it does not guarantee hiring, the crews of all the companies that may apply.

As for the british Easyjet, it has not provided any information on its plans for the employees of Air Berlin.

Resignation of the director of operations, Ryanair

Ryanair suffers for its part, the consequences of the crisis of the cancellation of some 20,000 flights scheduled between September and march because of a problem of schedules of drivers flights. Its director general Michael O’leary announced Friday the resignation of its director of operations to the end of the month. Michael Hickey had joined Ryanair in 1988 as an engineer before holding several positions within the company.

The main company of the sector in Europe, in number of passengers transported is under the fire of criticism from the regulatory authorities, to complain of the manner in which the company explained their rights to the clients suddenly deprived of vol.

“It will be difficult to replace Michael Hickey, that is why we are grateful to him for having accepted the role of council to facilitate the transition with his successor and the completion of several important projects”, said Michael O’leary, in a statement released Friday evening.

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