After the agreement with Washington, the chinese ZTE is preparing for a new start

Station landing : ZTE has fallen during its return to the Stock market, after two months of suspension, Wednesday 14 June, assignor to 41 % in hong Kong. This is the price of u.s. sanctions adopted against the chinese company. The oem telecom, which employed 75,000 people in the world two months ago, has lost more than a third of its Stock market value, or about 4.8 billion euros.

And this, despite an agreement with the american authorities, at the initiative of president Donald Trump, intended to soften to the previous penalties, which seemed to condemn the company to bankruptcy. The agreement provides for the payment of a fine of one billion dollars (about 863 million euros), the placement of $ 400 million in collateral in a u.s. bank and a reorganization of the management of the company. These measures replace the ban, which had been made to all american companies to sell their equipment to ZTE, which is dependent on american components for its smartphones, and its telecommunications equipment. The result of this prohibition, in April, ZTE had been forced to suspend production in several factories.

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