Aerohive Connect is now available on the entire portfolio of Aerohive

Distributors can now monetize quickly the solutions of wireless connectivity implemented in business thanks to the support of a range of products scope

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Milpitas, Calif. — May 30, 2017 — Aerohive Networks® (NYSE : HIVE), a leader in solutions for wireless connectivity company, announces the expansion of the range of products Aerohive Connect™. This offer is based on networking technologies in the cloud to allow companies to deploy wireless connectivity that is stable, regardless of the number of sites affected. Aerohive Connect is now available on all of the access points (AP) and switches Aerohive from $ 229 per access point. Organizations can, therefore, continue their development, to simplify the operation of their networks, and adopt without effort the full functionality and advanced Aerohive Select™. Aerohive offers as well that the first approach is entirely flexible in terms of connectivity to high-performance

Together, the range Aerohive Connect scope ; the range Aerohive Select both proven and rich ; and the future international program for the MSP to provide the widest choice of options available to distributors and to the MSP. The latter can offer solutions and services for wireless connectivity, comprehensive and differentiated to their customers. Aerohive is unique in its ability to adapt to provide capacity or additional features. The company enables its distributors to offer many options in terms of connectivity, management and support in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the business units and at the level of networks.

Key facts from the announcement

The range Aerohive Connect is a stand-alone solution, complete with wired and wireless access, offering connectivity to enterprise-class, centralized management and a lifetime support from $ 229 per device. The solution is designed specifically for organizations that require their spending and with local computing resources limited (hotels, hotspots, SMES, as well as the managed service providers supporting such deployments).

Aerohive Connect requires no subscription or renewal : customers may add features and services with ease.

Launched on January 31, last on only two access points Aerohive input range, the solution is now available on all of its AP. This includes, in particular, its AP 802.11 ac Wave 2 of new generation equipped with dual radios to 5 GHz and configurable via software, as well as its switches, high-capacity. Some products Aerohive Connect are available for a third of the price of their counterparts at Cisco and HPE.
Aerohive Connect is based on a simplified version of HiveManager® NG, an application of networking in the cloud to manage connections for high performance of thousands of devices, avoiding the complexity of enterprise solutions in the traditional way. Solution Connect allows you to configure, troubleshoot, and monitoring unified access points and switches in all simplicity. It also speeds the operation of terminals, thereby considerably reducing the cost and complexity faced by distributors and customers.

Customers who subsequently need additional features have the possibility to perform an upgrade to Aerohive Select in a click. They will have a visibility, security and troubleshooting tools developed. Aerohive Select is also available locally for those who wish to deploy their tools on-site management. This scalability makes Connect the only solution on the market capable of ensuring a balance between cost and sustainability of networks.

Aerohive Connect provides a lifetime support via the community HiveCare™. Clients looking for a more comprehensive product range can also perform an upgrade to HiveCare Connect Media to obtain coverage 24/7. With these devices, Aerohive thus reaffirms its status as leader in customer satisfaction.
Aerohive Connect, and Select are based on equipment and on a cloud architecture for wireless connectivity to distributed control used by tens of thousands of customers. The architecture Aerohive implements a access layer with capacity optimization and maintenance automated, and also has a faculty of adaptation is virtually unlimited.
Thanks to the expansion of the portfolio Aerohive Connect, to the proven solution Aerohive Select, analysis capabilities, and supports extended APIS, and increased flexibility, distributors, partners, Aerohive can now benefit from a range of choices unprecedented in terms of their solutions. They can fully customize to meet their own needs and those of their customers in terms of deployment using a unique offer from a single publisher. At a time when the partners develop their capacity for the provision of managed services, they can easily create a differentiated offering to their customers to of services of connectivity and wireless hotspots to enterprise networks fully managed.

Price and availability

Aerohive Connect is available today on all of the AP and switches and Aerohive. The price of AP range from $ 229 for the AP122 2×2 802.11 ac 1 $ 129 for the AP550 with the latest technology 802.11 ac wave 2 4×4. The price of access switches vary $ 649 for the 8-port switch SR2208 1 189 $ for the switch 24 ports SR2224. All AP and switches Aerohive Connect include HiveManager Connect to the management network in the cloud, with technical assistance from the community HiveCar, as well as software updates continuously, without a subscription or support contract.
Assistance on Aerohive Connect is provided by Aerohive for $ 80 per AP per year. Similar services are offered by the HiveCare Partners in the world.
Distributors and MSPS who want to integrate Aerohive Connect to their portfolio should contact their agency Aerohive is the closest.
We recommend that customers contact their local distributor or their managed service provider for more details on the prices of products and services to Aerohive.


“We are aware of the necessity of an offer for the company, with more simplicity and unlimited scalability,” said John Coleman, director of products and partners at CDW. “We believe Aerohive Connect is a great solution to enable our SME customers to protect their investment by performing a simple upgrade as their business grows. ”

“Hoist Group and Aerohive have recently demonstrated the accessibility and flexibility of Connect at Travel Technology Europe, on the occasion of a presentation made jointly at the destination of the leaders of the european market of the hotel industry,” says Bob Durie, executive director of Hoist Group for continental Europe. “The interest exhibited by the participants in our sessions, and later in the framework of our follow-up activities is proof that Aerohive Connect is a great topic of conversation in the eyes of a significant part of our target audience. ”

“We have been working with Aerohive for many years, and we are eager to discover the new range of Connect products,” said Barrie Desmond, director of operations, Exclusive Group. “Retailers now have an ideal opportunity to attract new customers and to be more aggressive on the market thanks to a revolutionary platform providing connectivity to business-class with simplicity and at a reduced cost. Connect streamlines the operations of partners, and proposes the cloud architecture of wireless connectivity and the economic model to a more flexible market. The clients benefit from the only solution able to adapt perfectly to the constant evolution of their needs. ”

“Businesses are looking for a connectivity solution wireless business able to adapt to their needs should turn to Connect,” says Matthias Machowinski, analyst-in-chief, enterprise networks and video, IHS Markit. “The conditions of sale is flexible (that separate equipment purchases of software purchases) constitute the real distinctive element in the market. ”

“We are thrilled with the enthusiasm generated by Aerohive Connect by since its announcement in January,” said David Flynn, CEO of Aerohive Networks. “The expansion of Aerohive Connect to the whole range of our products is for us the opportunity to help more customers to discover the value of our solutions of wireless connectivity and networking in the cloud. This solution will allow us to introduce our technology into new markets, with new customers, distributors and managed service providers. ”

Aerohive Connect
Aerohive Connect™ is a networking solution in the cloud centralizing the management of the connectivity business from $ 229 per access point. This new offering combines the cloud computing architecture for Wi-Fi to control unique cooperative, while also providing the best customer support in the market. Organizations can thus continue their development, to simplify the operation of their networks, and then effortlessly switch to a full suite of solutions from Aerohive, depending on their needs.

About Aerohive Networks
Aerohive (NYSE : HIVE) enables its customers to connect, simply and with complete confidence, information, applications, and elements that they need to use. Our platform, a simple, scalable and secure, provides mobility without limitations. For our customers all over the world, each access point is a starting point. Aerohive was founded in 2006 and is based in Sunnyvale, California. For more information, visit follow us on Twitter @Aerohive, subscribe to our blog, join our community or become a fan on our page on Facebook.

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