Advocacy of Nicolas Hulot and Vandana Shiva, ecology and global justice

Book. If you wanted to be a little caustic, it could be recommended to the minister Hulot to browse carefully through this book written by… Nicolas Hulot, the icon ecologist. A true advocacy, and vif, in favour of an uncompromising struggle against the global warming and in defense of the planet Earth that this book of interview between Nicolas Hulot, still not the centerpiece of the first government of Emmanuel Macron, and the Indian Vandana Shiva, muse global ecology and global justice, the great defender of small farmers, their seeds… and in the war against the giants of the agrochemical industry, Monsanto in the lead.

These interviews conducted by Lionel Astruc has been made in the house in brittany, Nicolas Hulot as he came to decide to accept the proposal to become a minister, but before this choice is made public. The power, the ex-president of the foundation that bore his name (which later became the Foundation for nature and man) had already nudged the sides of the three former presidents of the Republic : “I have enough with the power for me to realize that the political exercise will find out (some pretend) that, in reality, they have been dispossessed of their prerogatives over time. “

The words are hard, both on the CETA, the free trade treaty between Canada and Europe, or the disproportionate influence of the world trade Organization (WTO) on the ways of the world, that the united Nations denounced by the two debaters.

The hot topics of ecology global

Vandana Shiva and Nicolas Hulot also highlight the deep-seated inequality planetary that worsens the climate crisis, and criticize harshly the role of large multinationals and the environmental consequences that this entails. “We recognised the separation of Church and State, but not that of the State and companies “, says Nicolas Hulot, about…

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