ADP group is deployed to the international

Thursday, 19 April, Augustin de Romanet, CEO of ADP Group (ex-Paris Airports), floats on the calm waters of the Dead sea. The calm before the storm ? The folder ADP is at the top of the stack, with the French games, the companies that the government wants to privatize. “Stay or leave” in the case of privatization of ADP Group, ” everything is possible ! This operation is done or not, the life is beautiful “, philosopher-t-it.

Rather than speculating about the future of his group, the CEO has chosen to move forward. On Thursday, ADP Group has taken control of the airport Queen Alia Amman the capital of Jordan. For the first time in its history, ADP, through its subsidiary, ADP International, became the majority shareholder (51 %) of a foreign airport. The acquisition required an investment of $ 265 million (approximately eur 215 million).

ADP has proven to be patient to finalize the purchase. Since 2007, the group held 9.5 % of AIG, a company concessionaire of the airport of Amman, for a period of twenty-five years. A platform medium in size, with only eight million passengers per year, but with high growth potential. Since 2007 and the arrival in the capital of ADP Group, the traffic has, on average, increased by 6.5% per year. At the same time, the capacity of the airport has been increased to 12 million passengers. Eventually, by means of a new extension, Queen Alia could support the doubling of its traffic.

A heavy weight in the sector

The redemption of Amman illustrates the willingness of the international development of ADP Group. These past two years, Mr. de Romanet has pressed on. ADP has in particular won the airport concession in Santiago, Chile. In June 2017, it is mounted in the capital of the Turkish group TAV, manager of airport Istanbul (it now holds 46,12 %). An overseas development rapid, but ” cautious “, adds the CEO.


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