Addition to the plastic ! The below a decision ” virtuous “…

Forum. Get out the plastic fork from its packaging, flexible, tear off the transparent plastic bag from his sandwich, pour the soda in the plastic bottle in a cup… This classic scene of breakfast on the grass, it was now understood, has nothing a gift for the planet ! The world seems to be engaged in a “plastic detox” that could change our habits.

The entry into force in 2020 of the law prohibiting the objects single-use plastic has not gone unnoticed. The elected Council of Paris voted to ban the progressive, beginning in September, straws plastic in municipal facilities. Companies are increasing the advertisements, such as Michel-Edouard Leclerc, already at the forefront in the removal of plastic bags at the cash twenty years ago.

Well after the pioneer Biocoop, there are now companies such as Carrefour, Starbucks or Coca-Cola that recently launched action plans radicals around the objectives ” 100 % circular economy “, with an interest to move as quickly as possible “polluters” to ” virtuous “, in this game of image and business.

Pioneers, such as Taiwan, Corsica, San Francisco, have already taken steps. In France, provisions against the purchase of single-use plastic had already been studied in 2012 on the occasion of the Grenelle of the environment, but they had ultimately not been selected, at the time. So, why now ?

End of imports of waste plastic in China

All of these initiatives are in reality from a political decision one-sided : that of China, which, in early 2018, has decided to halt imports of waste plastics, ” post-consumer “. The tone has been radically changed in the West.

Since 1992, nearly three-quarters of the waste plastic of industrial countries ended in the Middle kingdom. Europe was exporting up to…

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