Act Anti-Fraud : the impact for the auto-entrepreneurs

Stop the fraud ! It is the wish of the law n° 2015-1785 of 29 December 2015 budget 2016, which will enter into force by January 2018. It provides for the obligation for companies to provide accounting software, to better ensure the authenticity of the recipes recorded. A measure that will impact also the self-entrepreneurs. Evo’Portal, leader in of this population of entrepreneurship, made the point on their obligations.

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The spirit of the law

It aims to combat fraud in the VAT (Value Added Tax). In fact, professionals appeared to have use of the software of concealment of income. These tools fraudulent could be able to reconstitute receipts for then subtract the cash payments of the receipts of the accounting. A method that is rather prevalent in which the authority now wishes to put an end to that all contractors are equal.

Who is concerned ?

It applies in principle to both merchants and professionals subject to VAT. “The article 88 of the law n° 2015-1785 as of December 29, 2015 finance for 2016 provides for the obligation of the subject to the Value Added Tax (VAT) which store the regulations of their customers through accounting software or management, or a cash system, using a program satisfying conditions of authenticity, security, preservation and archiving of data for the control of the tax administration.”

In effect, this measure also applies to professionals who fall under the regime of the tax base, that is to say, the micro-entrepreneurs. The auto-entrepreneurs do not escape, therefore, is not the rule, and must adopt a management tool or software cash suitable, effective January 1, 2018.

That risk the auto-entrepreneur ?

The auto-entrepreneur status attracted by its accessibility and simplified management. This new measure imposes the obligation to use a certified solution and secure. “From January 2018, in the case of a control by URSSAF, the auto-entrepreneur does not have a software to standards is subject to a fine of€ 7,500 and will have to regularize his situation within the following 60 days.” explains Evo’Portal, leader in the accompaniment of auto-entrepreneurs.

To acquire a billing software

For the self-employed, it was possible up to now to take his book of recipes in paper format even if he had a crate. From 1 January 2018, the use of a management software or cash system satisfying the conditions evidenced by a certificate issued by an accredited organization or by an individual certificate issued by the editor, becomes mandatory. “Now, to make his accounts, the self-employed must record its expenses and its revenues electronically in a software management or fund suitable. It can be downloaded or accessed online. ” insists t-at Evo’Portal.

What is the accounting solution for the self-employed ?

The auto-entrepreneur must choose, your choice :

Management software that is certified and secure
A cash system which is certified and secure

These tools must meet the standards imposed by the law for the protection of data of a commercial transaction or provision of service, namely :

Authenticity : to Guarantee the conservation of the original data
Data security : provide supporting documents reliable with the original data
Conservation of data : Available for 6 years
Archiving of data : Accessible to the administration
It is to ensure the traceability of the data and ensure its integrity in case of a fiscal control. These standards apply to all type of online solutions to manage the revenues of its activity, whether a standard solution or hosted online :

Accounting software
Enterprise resource planning (erp integrated)
Software sales or billing
Software business management
Management software business
Production software
If the auto-contractor already has management software or software cash, a simple update proposed by the publisher will allow him to come into compliance and provide an individual certificate. Otherwise, it left more than a few months to find the management software or cash suitable.

evo’portal, at the sides of the auto-entrepreneurs :

evo’portal is born from a simple idea : Make the auto-entrepreneur is no longer alone in its efforts and the management of its business. For this, we have launched a portal on which the auto-entrepreneurs have access to the answers, tools and dedicated interlocutor to accompany them. “The reference of the accompanying legal, administrative, and billing for auto-entrepreneurs”.

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