Acquisition of a controlling interest in the company Alpha MOS by Jolt Capital and Ambrosi…

Jolt Capital and Ambrosia Investments made by the 26 June 2017 to the acquisition of the participation held by the society of Diagnostic Medical Systems (DMS) in the company Alpha Mos, representing 42,94% of the capital and 49,98% of the voting rights of Alpha MOS.

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The transaction consists of the acquisition off-market of the full participation of DMS in Alpha MOS through a fund managed by Jolt Capital (” Jolt “), to height of 2 814 915 shares and, on the other hand, by Ambrosia Investments AM SàRL (” Ambrosia “), to a total of 11 564 915 shares, at a price of 0.45 € per share, i.e. a total amount of 6 470 923,5 €. At the conclusion of this acquisition, Jolt and Ambrosia each hold 11 564 915 shares and 11 564 915 voting rights representing, for each, 34.5% of the capital and 33.6% of the voting rights of Alpha MOS.

In addition, Jolt and Ambrosia have concluded on the 26th of June 2017 a memorandum of agreement and a shareholders ‘ agreement under which they claim to be acting in concert vis-à-vis Alpha MOS. The members of the concert together hold 69% of the share capital and 67.2% of the voting rights of Alpha MOS.

The result of these operations, Jolt and Ambrosia will be filing jointly with the Autorité des marchés financiers (the” AMF “) a draft public tender offer simplified for the price of 0.45 € per share (subject to the instruction of the AMF and of the work of the independent expert, who shall be appointed by the board of directors of Alpha MOS, in application of article 261-1 I of the general regulations of the AMF), on the outstanding principal balance of Alpha MOS, without intention to withdraw the company’s listing at the end of this offer. The terms and conditions of this public offer, which will be evaluated by an independent expert appointed by the board of directors of Alpha MOS in accordance with the applicable regulations, will be subject to a compliance review by the AMF.

As a result of the change of control of Alpha MOS, three members of the board of directors have resigned, including the President and ceo of Alpha MOS ; the board of directors met to co-opt, Ambrosia, represented by Mr. Adrien Tardy, as a new director and to appoint Mr. Hervé Martin as director general (non-administrator) of Alpha MOS, and Mr. Laurent Samama, as chairman of the board of directors. The board of directors is now composed of Ambrosia, represented by Mr. Adrien Tardy, Mr. Laurent Samama named on a proposal from Jolt, as well as ms Hélène Reltgen and Mr. Olivier Sichel, independent directors.

The listing of the shares of Alpha Mos will resume on 27 June 2017.

About Alpha MOS

Alpha MOS (Euronext Paris, compartment C, ISIN : FR0000062804-ALM), a specialist in the digitization of smell, taste and sight, is the world leader in the manufacture of nose, tongue and eye electronic industrial use. Created in 1993, Alpha MOS is located in China and in the United States and manages a fleet of more than 2000 instruments installed worldwide.

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About Jolt

Founded in 2011, Jolt Capital is an investment company, development capital independent. It primarily invests in european companies of technology of the average size. Jolt Capital is authorised and regulated by the AMF ; it is directed by Jean Schmitt and Laurent Samama.

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About Ambrosia Investments

Ambrosia Investments is an investment group specialized in the accompaniment and the provision of development capital to companies with high-growth potential and are active in the industry of food, beverages and ingredients.

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