A start-up experimenting with a successful model discount

Has 13 hours and 19 hours, there is always the tail at 3, rue de Turbigo, in Paris, where the seat of the first store Glasses for all. Its argument ? “Sunglasses at your sight, at € 10, ready in 10 minutes. “Like all discounters, land in particular on the Web like Happyview or Meaningful, its model is based on the volume :” When an optician traditional sells very few pairs of glasses with very high margins, every day, thousands of clients allow us to reduce the margins on each pair, ” says Paul Morley, the founder, 27-year-old, of Glasses for all.

Like its competitors, Eyeglasses for all has removed the middleman and buy directly to the manufacturers of single vision lenses in less than 3 euros a piece in China, and mounts not much more expensive. But this is not about the price it intends to last : it also offers all of the surface treatments of last generation, on glasses bought directly from the subcontractor Czech large glass French. “This is the service that is going to play out the future of optics “, writes Paul Morley.

A cost equal to zero

Founded in 2014 with 1 million euros provided by Xavier Niel (shareholder of the World on an individual basis), the company already has six stores in France, all profitable, in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Lille and Toulouse. And it is preparing to open seven more in the coming months, including Nantes, Rennes, Montpellier, Nice and Strasbourg. “Our goal is to be present in the fifteen French cities most populated by the end of the year,” ambition is the patron of the optician discount.

The success of the formula is such that, each day, the optician shall, in its parisian store between 80 to 100 balance sheets visual

Glasses for all offers to get in-store a balance sheet full visual for an optician graduate, free of charge and without an appointment….

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