A pioneer of railway liberalisation, London renationalise a line of trains

The country is the pioneer in the privatisation of the trains has announced Wednesday, may 16, the re-nationalisation of one of its rail lines. In a decision highly symbolic, Chris Grayling, the uk minister of transportation, has decided to withdraw from the June 24, the license owned by companies Virgin and StageCoach for the line of the east of England, which connects London to Edinburgh. Then, the trains will be operated temporarily by a private consortium (Arup, SNC-Lavalin and Ernst & Young), but directly controlled by the State. This is the third time in twelve years that the same line is nationalized.

The decision immediately revived the debate on the nationalisation of the trains. If it comes to power, the labour opposition promised to spend in the bosom of the State, all rail operators. John McDonnell, the number two in the party, only the approximation of the management of trains and railways, headed by a public company, can help improve the system. The promise is extremely popular : 75 % of Britons are in favour. In front of commuter trains are crowded, the ticket prices very expensive and the lack of high-speed line, the desire for profound change is very strong.

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