A new website for the Heritage Foundation, signed Big Youth (Makheia Group)

The heritage Foundation has launched its new website, which brings together in one portal the information of its 22 regional delegations. Completely redesigned, responsive site adapts to all devices (smartphones, tablets, and computers). This site is part of the digital strategy of the heritage Foundation, the first private organization in France dedicated to the preservation of the heritage of the vicinity. It allows the creation of a new personal account, which includes both the donor account (enabling the “gift-in-1-click” and keeping a history of donations), and a feature dedicated to holders of public and private projects who wish to submit their documents online. Finally, a last espacepermet access sécuriséaux members of the network of Clubs, sponsors, departmental and regional.

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With 2 million raised online in 2016 (for a collection total of almost $ 16 millionsd’euros), the platform of the heritage Foundation is the French leader in crowdfunding for the cultural heritage.
Big Youth, the digital agency of Makheia had been chosen in 2016, after the competition, to fill this mission.

You can discover here : www.fondation-patrimoine.org

The new visual identity facilitates the discovery of the projects and invites the user to support them. The geolocation service offered to the user allows to be closer to the uses of the web by adapting the site’s interface and content (projects, news, etc). Another innovation that resulted from techniques of e-commerce, projects and news are suggested, based on the preferences that the user fills in his / her donor account. For example, when a user browses the page of a project of restoration of a wash house in the Doubs, a project located in the same department and on the same typology of heritage is proposed. This allows you to more easily navigate among the 2 500 projects open to donations. Thanks to the possibility offered to the holders of the projects to fill in certain information, financial aid, the most relevant of the Foundation are proposed.

The five main worlds are presented : institutional, online donation, help with heritage, commitment to the sides of the Foundation, news.
The universe as “institutional” : THE FOUNDATION
It allows you to know on the heritage Foundation : its mission, its organization, its results. And discover all of its 22 regional delegations, as well as its foundation protected.
The universe “online donation” : THE PROJECTS
All projects open to the gift are displayed. They are filterable according to several criteria : typological, geographical, or by project name, amount collected, goal reached, etc, The page devoted to each project is up to the visuals and the counterparties. Now appears a collection target, without, however, this objective determines the success of the subscription and the payment of donations to the project holder.
The project leaders in private, public and voluntary are guided step by step to find the help that suits them. Information relating to the subscription, the label, the device’s historical Monuments are provided, as well as those concerning the company sponsorship, prizes and competitions and the national programmes of aid projects.
Note : shortly, the project holders will be able to submit online their application file label or a subscription.
The universe ” commitments to the sides of the Foundation : DONATIONS & SUPPORT
Dedicated to engaging in a broad sense to the heritage, it enables you to discover why and how to become a sponsor, become a member, become a volunteer…
The universe NEWS
It is dedicated to the current national and regional of the Foundation, at the press room, as well as thematic questions that address the subject of funds. This last part is also a gateway with our paper magazine, Heritage in the making.

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