A new historical peak in the BUX, ten thousand huf OTP

The Budapest stock exchange share index, the BUX 295,20 accurate, 0,80 percentage increase, 37 187,29 point, a new historic summit closed on Thursday.

The stock market turnover to 13.6 billion forints, the leader shares in Magyar Telekom, with the exception of the increase in the previous day’s close. The greatest extent of the OTP increase in the price, which has a target price of UBS 11 100 huf has been increased to the previous 9 500 huf, and the previous take instead of purchase.

Andorkó László, Raiffeisen Bank fx dealer in the M1 current channel, said the Hungarian market go against the trend, in the rain, american and european stock markets with respect to 0,80 percent increase brought together, primarily, OTP and Mol, the good performance was due. The Hungarian bank paper pointed out that more than ten years after ten thousand huf above closed.

Mol 280 huf, and 1.21 percent 23 355 huf strengthened, 1.3 billion huf turnover.

OTP share price 133 huf, 1,33 percent 10 115 huf has grown to a turnover of 7,2 billion huf.

Magyar Telekom’s exchange rate has not changed, 475 huf, traffic 167,4 million huf.

The Richter paper price of 20 huf, 0,31 percent 6551 rose to huf, has a turnover of 2,6 billion huf.

The BUMIX 2888,97 point closed on Thursday, it’s 76,96 accurate, 2,59 percent decline on Wednesday’s close relative.

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