A new beginning for the LLC CHIRON PCS

An operation recommended by verbatim and In Extenso Finance & Transmission

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Boulogne, June 14, 2017

Created in 1976 and located in Ponts-de-Cé (49), CHIRON corporation, PCS specializes in the work of plastering and general drywall. The company has 19 employees and a turnover of 3.4 million euros. This last is divided in the following way : 70% of building new, and 30% of building renovation. The customer of CHIRON PCS is composed of communities and private clients.

After 40 years of activity, the sale of the company following the retirement and change of activity of the Partners.

François Guillemin, previously a Manager at Bouygues Telecom and prior to that, at Bouygues Immobilier, has confirmed its willingness to resume the LLC CHIRON PCS : “in Addition to its location in the heart of my area of research, its activity and the size allows me to get the best out of my experience. I engage in this process with the desire to preserve this society as it is healthy and its structure is solid. My goal is to assist in the evolution necessary for its growth. ”

The synergy of the teams In Extenso In Extenso Finance & Transmission, specialists of the council to the leaders and enterprises on top of balance sheet operations, has enabled it to advise, and to optimize the operation for François Guillemin in the redemption of 100% of the securities of the company CHIRON PCS.

Purchaser, whether a natural person : Mr François Guillemin via the SARL FGN
Council BP & Audit / Buyer : verbatim, Carine Rota, David Lagache and Thierry Turmeau
Legal counsel / Buyer : verbatim, Laure Gaborieau and Ibrahima Camara
M&A Consulting / Buyer : In Extenso Finance & Transmission, Clement Pauly
Selling : Alexandre Chiron, Annick Chiron and Anthony Chiron
Accountant / Transferor : Group Excel, Fabrice Leblois
Board Transmission / Transferor : Farm Credit West Contractors, Véronique Roul

About In Extenso Finance & Transmission

In Extenso Finance & Transmission is one of the benchmarks in the council’s financial strategy and the conduct of operations of the disposal, acquisition and funding for SMES and their leaders. Qualified as one of the French leaders of the small market, according to Thomson Reuters, In Extenso Finance & Transmission operates on transactions from 1 to 50 million euros and has performed more than 600 operations of mergers and acquisitions including 69 in 2016.

In Extenso Finance & Transmission benefits from the network, In Extenso, in France and Deloitte international : 220 agencies and 4700 employees and offices in more than 150 countries.

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About In Extenso

In Extenso, the network entity Deloitte, is a major player in the accounting expertise and professional services for very small enterprises (VSE-SMES in France.

With a network of over 4 700 employees and 220 agencies throughout the country, In Extenso offers entrepreneurs, artisans, traders, liberal professions and leaders of associations a complete professional service at all stages of the life of their company and on all areas relating to the management of their business : accounting, taxation, management, legal, and social council payroll, wealth management, innovation consulting, growth, assessment and claims, corporate recovery, tourism board, culture and hospitality, business transfer. In Extenso is the privileged interlocutor of more than 100 000 clients belonging to all sectors of activity and has completed in 2015-2016 a turnover of 370 million euros.

For more information, www.inextenso.fr and reussir-au-quotidien.fr

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