A meeting Trump-Xi the next month is still likely, despite the rise of voltage

A meeting of potential between the chinese president Xi Jinping and his us counterpart Donald Trump at the G20 summit next month was reported for the first time by the camp chinese according to information from the South China Morning Post.

While a meeting between the two presidents is actually the subject of speculation the past few weeks, a former leader of the chinese central bank has confirmed that Trump and Xi will meet effectively in Osaka – although he added that Beijing was not optimistic about a breakthrough in the trade negotiations Us-China.

“The leaders of China and the United States will meet at the end of next month in Japan and I believe that there will be positive news of the meeting” , said Dai Xianglong, former governor of the chinese central Bank, at a seminar on the technological development of China-United States this Friday in Beijing.

However, he also believes that it is not necessary to be too optimistic, to the extent that it will be very difficult for the american side to put enough water in his wine, to repair the wrongs done by the President Trump.

Speaking earlier in Ottawa, the american vice-president Mike Pence has also said he hoped that a meeting Xi-Trump would take place during the G20, but added that China must accept reforms, according to information reported by Reuters.

It is also worth noting that a diplomatic source japanese involved in the organization of the G20 has told the press that nothing had been prepared for the moment for a meeting between Trump and Xi.

Washington will have to “send someone to Beijing to make the necessary arrangements” for a top face-to-face between Trump and Xi takes place in Osaka, added the source, and no confirmation on this issue can be raised for the moment.

To summarize, a meeting between Trump and Xi at the G20 summit at the end of June is still possible, or even probable, but at least a reversal of the situation by then, an agreement between the two countries will still be far, even if the two leaders meet.

This meeting rather serve to agree on a schedule for further negotiations, after the failure of the previous, this would be a positive signal, while guaranteeing yet more months of uncertainty about trade relations China-USA.

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