A collective emergency budget to pay the ” tax dividends “

Bruno The Mayor had warned that he wanted to go fast. It would not even have had to wait a week, time to be announced, to know how the government plans to refund the 3% tax on dividends that the State has unduly perceived.

As the minister of economy mentioned, the burden will be shared between the State and the companies that make more than a billion euros of turnover. The daily Les Echos revealed on Thursday 26 October, that it would take the form of a draft amending finance law (PLFR) specific, which will be presented on Thursday 2 November in the council of ministers, before being reviewed in the wake by the national Assembly. And this, while another PLFR, one that is traditionally adopted in the end of the year, will be discussed a fortnight later.

But the government has not wanted to hang out, so. Since the constitutional Council has censored, the 6th October, the whole of this tax is put in place after the election of François Hollande to the presidency of the Republic, in 2012, the priority was to save the recovery of public accounts. Emmanuel Macron is committed to the goal of a public deficit below 3% of GDP in 2017 and to 2.6% in 2018 in order to quickly get out France of the european procedure for excessive deficit.

300 companies involved

The urgency is on this point extreme. “It must indeed be below 3% for two consecutive years to be able to get out of this procedure, specifies the entourage of The Mayor. If we fail to do so in 2017, one in 2018 would be below 3 %. Because, in 2019, we are not confident of achieving this because of the transformation of the YEAR-a decrease of contributions. It would, therefore, the output in 2022… This is not what we have promised. “

The government is hoping to finance half of the debt, estimated at 10 billion euros

The requested contribution to the…

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