2018, the year of all dangers for the sector optical

Kick stress in the sub-sector optics. 2018 will be the year of all dangers for a profession that has so long flourished in the shelter of each other, and their propensity to repay if easily glasses ? Now they are tightening the screws, with the support of governments who, for the past two years, is concerned about a drift that can be summarized in two observations : the expenses of optics in France are the highest of Europe ; and there are in Paris today as many opticians as bakeries.

For the sector, which employs 40 000 people in France (stores and manufacturers), the party is over

The year 2017 has been marked by the first decline in this market in France, with more closings than store openings. If the pressure of the public authorities, is added the arrival of players discount and the threat posed by the marriage of the first glass global, Essilor, with the first eyewear and distributor Luxottica, we can assert, without fear of being belied, that for the sector, which employs 40 000 people in France (stores and manufacturers), the party is over.

A year ago, the candidate Emmanuel Macron promised to ” support 100% eye glasses and hearing aids and removable dental by 2022, in connection with the mutuals and the entire health-care professionals “. The promise was aimed at ensuring that everyone has access to these vital equipment without a “rest load” (” zero CARS “), when, on average, 24 % of the price of the equipment is still paid by households. Rate still the lowest in Europe. While the ministry of health and solidarities consult since December, all players involved, everyone wonders : who will pay for the campaign promise ?

A track shown on the finger

And what will be the consequences on a chain, which extends from the funders – the supplementary insurance, to 72 % in 2016, social Security will not pay more than 4 % – wearers,…

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