10 ways the Internet of things is changing our lives

15.2 billion euros, according to the Institute Montaigne, this will be the sales generated by the IoT, in France, in 2020. Present in different objects of daily life (TV, heating, sport, health, etc.) or in industry (aircraft engine, device, oil drilling, etc.), there is no longer any doubt, the IoT is relevant ! It is therefore necessary to ask what is the real impact of connected objects on our lives ? Which sectors are most affected ? A round-up is a must !

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Driving through the IoT
Now it is possible to drive through the IoT. This is already the case with the Tesla, manufacturer of electric cars, which automatically downloads updates, and if necessary, program an autonomous way the removal of a vehicle to a facility Tesla. Goodbye to the waiting time in garages and other bargains for repairs. Thanks to new technologies, all this will be automated.

Wear clothes that are connected
The textile industry intelligent is experiencing a real boom, and the idea that every garment has a digital identity opens up real prospects. Even luxury brands have not been deceived. Ralph Lauren has launched its new Polo Tech Shirt, which collects and analyzes in the Cloud, the athletic performance such as heart rate, the intensity of the movements or the expenditure of calories. Associated with other “wearables” such as FitBit, users will be able to enjoy the unique experience on their sports performance.

Light with a snap of the finger
This is the first case of the use of IoT, to allow users to program their lighting. Not in need of housing, this is the smartphone that does it all. This is notably the case of LED bulbs Hue from Philips, which offer to users the ability to control their lighting, play with the tones, contrasts, or even a range of colors.

Building smart cities
Horizon 2020 is the name of the program of the european Commission, which wishes to, within three years, create the maximum number of smart cities. Since 2014, she selects and funds each year, several projects in smart grids, the smart data, the new mobility, etc, There are many other examples. In Singapore, the local authorities test the systems intelligent management of parking and of waste in order to identify the needs, daily and weekly.

Simplifying agriculture
This industry has seen a real change in technology, both in terms of its tools than of its practices. Stations of weather connected, sensors that measure wind speed, or on-board agricultural machinery, are all examples that show that the agricultural sector has not escaped this onslaught. This is notably the case with the Connect System of John Deere Field that allows you to control the moisture levels of the fields and then send the data to farmers.

Now the Boeing 787 Virgin Airlines are fully connected, engines, landing gear, passing through the valves. David Bulman, Director of Virgin Atlantic, IT stated that, for a single flight, they could send half a terabyte of data from the various devices connected to the Internet. What benefit, in the air, the same technological advances as on Earth…

Help seniors remain independent
The well-being of older people is a horse of battle for the manufacturers of connected objects. According to a study Doctissimo, and contrary to popular belief, senior citizens are not averse to new technologies. On the contrary… In 2016, they have spent 128 M€ in the home automation and this market would be 130 billion euros by 2020. In addition, the connected objects would strengthen the social ties by reducing family separation and loneliness, a real pain for this population.

Monitor his property
Before the boom of the IoT, remote monitoring remained expensive and catered to millionaires and professionals. Since a few years, and thanks to connected objects, users can, in a blink of an eye, and thanks to their smartphones, know and control everything that happens in them. Bosch has developed a security camera based on IP that allows the user to connect to his security system.

Become the new Roger Federate
Until now the technologies used by the stars of the yellow ball were not accessible to the general public, in particular because of their cost. Today, with the rise of connected objects, it is easier to take it to Federer. Babolat, a French company specializing in tennis rackets, has not missed the boat. It has added sensors and connectivity in some of its products, enabling players to analyze the ball speed, the power of strikes or the number of blows rights, setbacks, etc, does one need to say that this technology has been tested and approved by Rafael Nadal ?

Not to be late… or almost
Tomorrow, in many cities, self-driving cars will be equipped with sensors that can provide municipal authorities with relevant data to improve traffic patterns. What to anticipate your movements and never be late !

There is no longer any doubt, the future will be connected ! For businesses this means thinking and strengthen their policy around the IoT in order to meet the needs of their customers. To achieve this, they will need automation, in particular to automate all it processes related to the IoT : provisioning, deployment, and treatments. Automation hides the complexity of the environments, giving developers a fast, simple and advanced deploy applications IoT innovative. Maybe if all manufacturers of refrigerators automatisaient their process, would we have fridges, smart, that we would send a message to remind us to buy oranges, or that would signify to our online store to a shortage yogurt. Who knows…

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