Washington’s threat of a crackdown against ZTE


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – chinese group ZTE will be prohibited from activity in the United States if he commits one more mistake, warned Sunday Peter Navarro, the council for trade of the white House.

The oem telecom has accepted in the end of the week to pay a fine of a billion dollars (845 million euros) and reorganization of its staff to find favor with the federal authorities, who have been sanctioned for violating the u.s. embargo on Iran.

The group will thus be able to buy new the american components on which it depends to produce its smartphones and other equipment, but according to Peter Navarro, he will remain under close monitoring.

“It will be three shots and ZTE will be eliminated, yet a fault, and this will be the end”, he said taking up the metaphor of baseball.

He was speaking shortly after the arrival of president Donald Trump in Singapore for a historic summit with north Korean leader Kim Jong One, in which the plan is highly dependent on its ally and neighbour china.

“The president has wanted to do this personal favor to the chinese president to show his good will to the greater efforts that remain to be done, as in Singapore,” said Peter Navarro to explain the decision on ZTE.

(Michelle Price, Véronique Tison for the French service)

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